The Torrance Refinery Action Alliance’s short public information videos on crucial aspects of the effort to ban hydrogen fluoride use at the two refineries in Southern California’s South Bay. Also find below other important videos and slide shows.

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1986 Hydrofluoric Acid Release Test

Video of the 1986 “Goldfish” Release Test of hydrofluoric acid (HF) shows the formation and spread of a ground-hugging toxic cloud.

TRAA Video – MHF Must Be Eliminated from Refineries to Keep the Community Safe

TRAA’s short five-minute video of experts testifying on the extreme health and safety danger from a major release of hydrofluoric acid.

TRAA Video – Are schools prepared for a Chemical Release?

TRAA’s short four-minute video that refutes the notion shelter-in-place can protect students from an accidental release of highly toxic MHF from the Torrance or Valero refineries, the only two in California that use it.

Tanker Truck Loaded with 30 Tons of HF Overturns in China – One Person Dies

HF truck overturned about 5 kilometers from the Lanhai Expressway Dasi toll station in the direction of Qinzhou, China. Click the image and watch a 4-minute video of the horrendous aftermath of the accident and the clean-up effort .

Living Near Oil Production Is Deadly. Why Don’t California Lawmakers Care?

An Opinion Video for the New York Times by Josiah Edwards, who is a climate organizer in Carson, California, and documentary filmmaker, Matty Neikrug.

TRAA Video – AQMD Board Member Janice Hahn Speaks at the February 1, 2019 Meeting

TRAA’s short five-minute video of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor and AQMD Board Member Janice Hahn speaking at the Board’s February 1, 2019 Meeting.

TRAA Video – Invited Speaker Daniel Horowitz’ Speech at the February 15, 2020 Press Conference & Community Call To Action

Dr. Daniel Horowitz’ keynote speech at the TRAA Press Conference & Community Call To Action marking the 5th anniversary of the Torrance Refinery explosion.

TRAA Video – The historic FAILURE of MHF in the Torrance Refinery

TRAA’s short three-minute video featuring a presentation by Dr. Sally Hayati, former TRAA President. Warning: this video contains disturbing images of the aftermath of the Bhopal catastrophe.

TRAA Video – HF moved into OUR town

TRAA’s short one-minute video featuring Torrance resident Michelle Rushton speaking at a Southern California AQMD meeting in Torrance on the impact of potentially catastrophic hydrofluoric acid from the Torrance and Valero refineries in the South Bay of Southern California.

TRAA Video – No Refinery Shutdown

TRAA’s short two-minute video that refutes the false claim that TRAA’s goal is to shut the Torrance Refinery down.

It Can’t Happen…

A reminder in images that terrible accidents and natural disasters can and do happen. Set your PDF viewer to Full Screen Mode, if applicable.

TRAA Video – The refineries CAN afford to prioritize safety over profits

TRAA’s short four-minute video that lays out the facts on the affordability of switching to a much safer alkylation process.

TRAA Video – Alternatives to MHF are available NOW

TRAA’s short two-minute video where Dr. Sally Hayati, former TRAA President, refutes the claim of the Torrance Refining manager that alternative emerging technology may never be available.

TRAA Video – The community wants HF/MHF phased-out within 4 years

TRAA’s short three-minute video shows community involvement in support of an HF/MHF ban — set to music that local musicians adapted from Everybody Knows by the great Leonard Cohen.

South Coast AQMD Staff Presentation to the full Governing Board on February 1, 2019

The SCAQMD’s Deputy Executive Officer, Dr. Philip Fine, made an excellent presentation. View the PowerPoint charts by clicking here.