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The Torrance Refinery Action Alliance has updated its website and added In The News to focus on the latest news of the efforts to convert refineries, both locally and across the nation, from highly dangerous HF alkylation to a vastly safer process. The centerpiece of the new website — In The News — will post summaries of, and point readers to, the latest relevant articles from newspapers and internet news sources, including new posts on the TRAA Science Advisory Panel blog, the companion to this website.

In The News won’t just rely on outside news sources. New major articles will be created by TRAA and posted on it. A new article is in the works right now — stay tuned. In The News posts will also be vehicle for communicating the recommendations of the TRAA Voter Advisory Panel to the public.

A newly redesigned TRAA Newsletter, delivered via email, will work hand-in-hand with the website. Every In The News website post will be concisely summarized in the TRAA Newsletter, and those intrigued or interested will find a link to the full website post on the TRAA website.

The TRAA Newsletter also serving as a reminder for the monthly TRAA meetings. Each newsletter also has a few In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) items — concise summaries and links to a few select, essential posts and videos archived on the TRAA Science Advisory Panel blog.

The reach of the TRAA website will be further expanded with social media posts of the In The News items, such as on the TRAA Facebook.

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