Safer and More Efficient Alkylation Process Now at Commercial Scale

CHEVRON and Honeywell have started commercial operation of a new alkylation process at Chevron’s Salt Lake City refinery using an ionic liquid catalyst that is vastly safer and more efficient than the HF alkylation process it replaces

Chevron’s Salt Lake City refinery is world’s first commercial-scale process unit using ISOALKY technology to produce ionic liquid-based alkylate for higher octane motor fuels. (Photo from The Chemical Engineer)

Article by Amanda Doyle in The Chemical Engineer

Alkylation combines light olefins such as butylene with isobutane to create a high-octane blending component that can be used to produce high-octane gasoline. . . . The ISOALKY process was proven in the US at a demonstration unit at Chevron’s Salt Lake City refinery for five years. Work began on converting Chevron’s hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation unit in Salt Lake City to ISOALKY technology in 2017. The commercial-scale unit has now become operational. . . .

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