Congresswoman Maxine Waters to Headline TRAA’s Monthly Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, July 14 at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Considered one of the most powerful women in American politics today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a strong and impassioned advocate for eliminating the massive quantities of highly dangerous hydrogen fluoride (HF) from the two refineries in the South Bay that use it.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is among the leaders in the effort to ban HF since day one. Her constituents in the 43rd Congressional District, which includes portions of the cities of Los Angeles (including LAX) and Torrance, and the entirety of the cities of Hawthorne, Lawndale, Gardena, Inglewood, and Lomita, are at high risk from major accidental release of HF from either the Torrance Refining Company, which is in her District, or the Valero Refinery in Wilmington.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has graciously accepted an invitation to open TRAA’s July monthly zoom meeting with her views on banning HF. Following her comments, she will be available to answer questions.

To attend the virtual meeting, RSVP with an e-mail request for a Zoom link to TRAA President Steven Goldsmith at If you have a question for Congresswoman Waters, include it in your request for a Zoom link. You’ll be able to ask a question during the meeting as well.

Urgent: Also contact TRAA President Steven Goldsmith if you’d like to join TRAA’s team to propose an EPA Rule banning HF. An important deadline for submitting data is coming up this Thursday, July 15, 2021. This is a chance to help with TRAA’s submittal to the EPA. Hear more information at the July 14 TRAA meeting. 

Read Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ letter to the  AQMD supporting a ban on HF at the South Bay refineries by clicking here, and learn more about her by clicking here.