TRAA’s Position on the Recall Election – Please Vote NO

We at the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA) have only one mission and that is to see the Torrance and Valero refineries replace hydrofluoric acid (HF/MHF) with a safer chemical, one that will not threaten our communities. We believe Governor Newsom is the best candidate for achieving our mission.

The governor makes important appointments to regulatory boards. His appointments to the Cal-EPA, California Air Resources Board and the Southern California Air Quality Management District (AQMD) are of particular importance to TRAA.

Governor Gavin Newsom

Recently Governor Newsom appointed someone we believe is a champion for our cause. We’ve met with him and he gets it. We didn’t need to explain the danger posed by HF to him, as we usually must do with appointees and elected officials. He was well versed in the danger before he came into the Zoom room. He’s worked on environmental issues for a long time.

So, for us the choice is clear, and we ask our supporters to VOTE NO ON THE RECALL in order to retain Governor Gavin Newsom. (Vote NO on question 1).

Read about Governor Gavin Newsom at his official website: