Refinery Profits Soar, but They Can’t Afford to Convert from HF

As oil refineries reported their 3rd quarter profits, it became clear that there is no excuse for not converting their alkylation processes from HF to a much safer proven alternative.

PBF Energy, California’s third biggest oil refiner, made a whopping $2.26 billion off refining gasoline, tripling its profit in the third quarter. That indicates they could make us all much safer, and modernize their refinery, for about twelve days PROFIT.

And Valero’s third-quarter financial report showed that the San Antonio company made $2.82 billion from July to September. This caused Governor Newsom to renew his call for a price-gouging penalty “to put these profits back in the pockets of Californians.” per an LA Times Article.

Yet they continue to operate with “business as usual” despite general concerns about the environment and specific concerns about the safety of the surrounding community. And we wonder why gas prices are so high!