House Republicans Hold a Hearing to Reverse Environmental Protections Relating to Energy Production

The House Energy and Commerce held their first hearing on Unleashing American Energy on Tuesday. According to the website, their focus is “A key responsibility for Energy and Commerce is to help pave the way to unleashing American energy sources and technologies of all kinds—from hydropower, nuclear, fossil energy, hydrogen, to wind, solar, and batteries.” The list of actions is a wish-list from the petroleum industry, and threatens to undo much of the work the EPA is doing and has done.

Despite the short notice (the hearing was announced on Jan 31st and held on Feb.7th), TRAA and numerous other organizations submitted letters supporting the EPA. At the hearing on Tuesday, Congresswoman Barragán spoke about the dangers of using HF at refineries, as well as the need to use safer, available alternatives and implement stronger hazard assessments at refineries. A recording of the hearing can be viewed here . The Congresswoman’s remarks begin shortly after the 3 hour 5 minute mark.

After watching her remarks and questions, please call Congressmember Barragán’s office to thank her for speaking about the dangers of HF in refineries at the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Her district office: 310-831-1799

Read TRAA’s letter to the committee by clicking here.