TRAA Voter Advisory Panel’s Recommendations for the June 7 Torrance Election

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As of 4/26/2022. Note: Other Treasurer & City Clerk candidates were not scored as they never served on City Council and would not affect refinery policy.

The TRAA Voter Advisory Panel submitted the following three questions to the candidates for Torrance Mayor, City Council, and Treasurer in the upcoming election on Tuesday, June 7, 2022:

  1. Do you support the phase out of hydrofluoric acid (HF), including modified hydrofluoric acid, at the two South Bay refineries that use it — Torrance Refining Company and Valero Refinery in Wilmington?
  2. A) If an incumbent: What did you do to further the cause of phasing out HF at either one or both South Bay refineries that use it?
    B) If a candidate: What will you do to further the cause of phasing out HF at either one or both of the South Bay refineries that use it?
  3. When elected, what do you commit to doing to help achieve the goal of phasing out HF at the two South Bay refineries that use it?

The Panel compiled the answers and graded the candidates on how closely they aligned with TRAA’s mission of bringing about the conversion of the two Southern California refineries that use massive amounts of highly dangerous hydrogen fluoride (HF) — Torrance Refining Company and Valero in Wilmington — to a modern, vastly safer process, as a growing number of HF refineries in the nation have successfully done or are currently doing. Candidates who didn’t respond were given an F. The results are displayed in the scorecard above.

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