“Hydrofluoric Acid Endangers the Harbor Area” – Random Lengths News

San Pedro’s Random Lengths News is adding its voice to TRAA’s in asking readers to write to EPA Administrator Michael Regan and urge him to adopt a strong rule that requires facilities using chemicals like HF, which pose catastrophic hazards to workers and the community, to convert to an inherently safer chemical when one is available.

Do you live, work, or play in Wilmington, San Pedro, or Long Beach? You are in an Environmental Protection Agency risk circle for death or serious injury from a release of deadly hydrogen fluoride (HF). Wilmington Valero and Torrance PBF refineries use HF for alkylation to make primarily premium gasoline at the pump. Only these two refineries use HF in California. They are vulnerable to accidents, earthquakes, or terrorism. . . .

ToRC - Valero EPA WCS
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPGs) to assess worst-case scenarios. Residents inside the black circles below are at risk of serious and irreversible health effects (ERPG-⁠2). Those inside the red circles are at risk of life-threatening health effects (ERPG-⁠3). Those downwind of an HF release are exposed. Many in the highly dangerous regions close to the refineries rank high for Environmental Justice burden. 

At the direction of President Joe Biden, the EPA is revising their toxic chemical rules in September. Now is the time for you to write the EPA a letter. . . .

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