TRAA’s Monthly Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, August 10 at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time

TRAA President Steve Goldsmith writes, “I hope to see you at this Wednesday’s Zoom meeting. We’ll be reporting on some important recent developments listed below.”

  1. A report from the County Board of Supervisors Working Group, established with the objective of providing the County with a plan to bring about conversion away from HF. Expected before August 15.
  2. EPA to announce proposed revisions to the Risk Management Plan Rule, which could provide a pathway to bringing about conversion from HF to a vastly safer alternative at all U.S. HF refineries. Expected before September 30.
  3. Five-year deadline for refineries to report on alternatives to HF, which is a California Air Resources Board requirement. Expected before October 30.

To attend the virtual meeting, RSVP with an email request for a Zoom link to TRAA President Steven Goldsmith at