TRAA Asks Community Members to Urge the EPA to Adopt an RMP Rule Requiring HF Refineries to Convert to a Vastly Safer Process

Elimination of HF will provide safety from death — as well as day-to-day peace of mind — for hundreds of refinery workers, their families, and for thousands of others at risk in the community.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the leadership of Administrator Michael S. Regan, is in the critical phase of making a long-overdue update to the Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule for facilities that use extremely hazardous substances. EPA’s proposed rule is due this September.

EPA Administrator
Michael S. Regan

TRAA is asking community members to write to EPA Administrator Regan to urge him to adopt a strong RMP rule that requires facilities using chemicals like HF, which pose catastrophic hazards to workers and the community, to convert to an inherently safer chemical when one is available. For refineries using HF, there are proven commercially available alternatives.

TRAA has prepared a letter that can be used as a model. Personalize it and email to Administrator Reagan at — or print and mail in an envelope with a stamp. (A copy emailed to is kindly requested.)

TRAA’s model letter to EPA Administrator Regan: here

Also, find a letter to Administrator Reagan from 31 Congressmembers and ten Senators here, and a letter from former EPA Administrator and New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, cosigned by 17 prominent experts, here.